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21-Day Fix: Week One

Boy did I fall off the workout wagon these last few months. After the kids started school we had some changes around here that changed up our daily routine, and I let that (and stress) get to me. I started eating all the C.R.A.P. again and sitting on my butt (when I could). I gained ten pounds and I didn’t FEEL good. I talked to David about how I was tired and stressed.. Read More

School Days

Today was the first day of school for the big kids. The last time I only had one kid home with me was when my oldest was 17 months old. So the last six years I’ve always had at least two kids with me. It’s been loud. Today, it was just this guy. He watched movies and ignored me when I tried to take pictures with him. The big kids did really well… Read More

How-To Play Role Playing Games with Young Kids

How-To Play Role Playing Games with Young Kids | Freckle Face Lace

I’ll admit it here: I didn’t let my inner geek out until I started dating my husband. I have always been one to prefer the company of a book to that of a group of people and creating my own worlds out of nothing but words, but there were things I had yet to discover. I’d never seen Star Wars, it’d been ages since I opened a comic book, and I had never.. Read More

PiYo Results: Month One

Sharing progress photos is kind of weird. It’s like standing on a bar stool and shouting for everyone to look at you… except you’re behind a computer screen. I always post my photos and then run away. Like, I close out all forms of social media and then don’t go back to it until the next day because I know people are looking at me. Judging me, even. It’s frightening. However, I’m learning.. Read More

Indulge: Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes |Freckle Face Lace

So I’m all into eating healthy and taking charge of your fitness these days, but we all need a treat from time to time. With autumn on its way, we will quickly be inundated with all things pumpkin, apple, and cozy. These Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes are all that (minus the apple) and topped with yummy cinnamon frosting. Hello, indulgence. These will show up as part of my “happy meals” many times throughout the.. Read More

Working Out With Kids

Working Out With Kids

I’ve had my ups and downs with working out. I start something, stick with it for a week or two, then come up with an excuse to stop. Usually I use my kids as an excuse… it’s just convenient to do so. I mean, have you ever worked out with four kids running around you? Even if you only have one, it can be a pain. But that’s stopped. Even though working out.. Read More

Offering Variety with Nûby Feeding and Storage Bowls

Through no fault of their own, my oldest three kids are super picky eaters. My oldest is by far the pickiest, and the other two go through phases. My hope is that I can avoid this same pitfall with Flynn. At some point I stopped offering a variety of foods for Irelyn, Chloe and Grayson to eat, so when I try to feed them something new, they fuss. It makes dinner super fun,.. Read More

This Guy

Oh my gosh. This guy. I love this picture of him. Flynn looks like he wants to get away, but he actually really likes riding around on David’s shoulders. Today is David’s 36th birthday. We we went out last night and enjoyed dinner, with no kids in tow, to celebrate. We used a coupon so half the meal was free. We’re not old or anything. We don’t do much to celebrate our birthdays,.. Read More

Just Write

One thing I’ve learned while in school is the average Joe (or Jane) has rarely read a script. So when you share work you’ve written for television or the big screen, they don’t get it. It seems like you are missing descriptions, like you’ve left too much of the character’s appearance up in the air. But that’s how it’s done. Unless it’s integral to the plot, you leave most of that open. I.. Read More

Don’t Trample the Daisies

I am the mom sitting behind the cookie booth in front of the grocery store or coffee shop. I am the mom putting her quiet girls out there so they can acquire many different skills. We don’t like to be the center of attention and are quiet people when out in public, so these booths are helping my girls with their people skills. When my little Daisies are working that booth and asking.. Read More